Peace begins from where we are and not from where we want to be. Where we are is anchored on who we are and what we are constantly making of ourselves and our relationships with others.

Human relationships are beautiful, life-giving, soul-nourishing, yet complex and also oftentimes difficult and painful. Being in this world is about being constantly in relationship– with our SELF, with God (whom we call by different names and experience in different ways), and with others. Life is a journey of countless moments when we are challenged to respond to the call of relationship-building. Although more often that not we find ourselves failing, each moment brings with it new gifts and new opportunities for us to BE and BECOME who we truly are as human beings. There are moments when we find ourselves reflected beautifully in another person whom we hold on to in a relationship as we revel in the experience of it, but there are also moments when we need to say good-bye, let go and move on.

Inner Work is a self-awareness program designed to develop in aspiring peacebuilders inner capacities for moving on in life’s journey with a sense of equanimity, gratitude, and joy. It develops in them the ability to enter into their silence and be still, to explore their inner landscape and find their way through the darkness of their hurts and fears guided by the light of faith, hope, and love that is constantly burning within them (although this may not be readily apparent).

Inner Work is also a daily work-out designed for aspiring peacemakers who wish to become true instruments of peace.  If aerobics and other physical sports help develop physical muscles, Inner Work helps develop in the practitioner spiritual muscles for the painstaking work of building relationships of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between and among peoples of diverse cultures and beliefs.