Experiencing World Religions


The Department of Education in the Philippines has included “Introduction to World Religions” in the Senior High School curriculum. To be able to teach this subject in ways that interest and inspire students, teachers are challenged to make time to enrich their own knowledge and understanding of and appreciation for the subject. In response to this need, The Peacemakers’ Circle offers this 3-day seminar-workshop that will give teachers the opportunity to meet adherents of the different major religions and faith traditions, engage in lively face-to-face interaction with them, and experience some aspects of their cultural and spiritual practices that make them unique. A visit to different places of worship is included in the program.

Interested teachers may contact The Peacemakers’ Circle through email address: thepeacemakerscirclefdn@gmail.com for more details, or contact any of the following mobile phone numbers: 09175260367, or 09081769658,

Thank you!

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